Just a quick update, as I promised I would begin blogging again. This week is going to either be a major disaster or a victoriously amazing joy. If it is somewhere in between, I will be happy, but the insane amount of work on my schedule is somewhatly terrifying.

I have to complete all of my finals and all of my final projects one week early… It all needs to be finished by December 10th, rather than December 20th… Why, you ask? Because I am singing with an international choir in Vienna, Austria in St. Stephens Cathedral.

This surely is the chance of a lifetime that I never would have foreseen coming my way, especially looking back at the bad luck I’ve encountered this year – I never would have thought such an amazing opportunity involving music. However, perhaps, if you are met in some fateful way to act out a gift in your life, opportunities come and find you once you think you’ve lost your way.

Here’s what’s on tap for the to-do list before Vienna:
Solidify choir parts for the production, tech week for PSU choir performance, 20-30 page history research paper due for my honors option, 5 page book report due, 10 chapter notes due, 6 page method application essay due, 6 page research paper due for an English class, two finished art projects, a psychology final, a history final, an English final… Umm.. I’m probably forgetting something… But, who knows.

Wish me luck in this fateful week.