Somehow, I was able to survive this semester. I came across quite a number of difficulties: my immunity seemed non-existent, I was getting pesky head colds right and left whilst I began my first semester of voice lessons. However, I made it to Lincoln Center to sing the Durufle Requiem but after that victory I found myself with a diagnosis of mononucleosis.

I took a week to recovery and did quite literally nothing, which is horrifying for a Type A, but I knew if I wanted my voice back at all it needed to be done. Singing with tonsils the size of walnuts is not an option. So, somehow, I was able to pull off learning the accompaniment for about 15 pieces of music for a soubrette soprano, 8 accompaniment pieces for a music class as my honors option, two performances for a small choir and 4 voice pieces (Schoenberg was dropped due to time and sickness constraints). Anyone who is a singer knows performing for a small choir might as well be a solo – if one person in the small choir goes down, the choir suffers greatly.

Somehow, with mono, however, I survived. I have a full summer ahead of me with work, research for my thesis project and beginning work on my senior recital. I’ll bask in the glory of not having to physically be in class and have more control over what gets done and when. Oh, did I mention I have to have decent proficiency in German by the fall and spring, also, to pass foreign language requirements?

Fantastic. Stay tuned. Today begins with Mozart, Ravel, Mahler and… Laundry.