I’ve found it!

No, no, not my mind. I lost that a while ago. I do believe it was sometime last year. I previously thought I had lost my mind sometime before that, maybe in 2004, but I hadn’t realized until now that I truly did not lose my mind until sometime last year. It probably had to do with the day I performed in a competition and on a television show in the same day and nothing went wrong. I did not lose my mind because of the stress, I lost my mind because I realized nothing went wrong and the success was overwhelming to my overly pessimistic mind.

But, I’ve found it! I’ve found a subject I don’t mind sharing with the obscure internet community! I’ve found the subject in my life that I am not afraid to share with the world, and the world will not ravage this subject savagely and destroy me in the process. I’ve always agonized over what I could possibly blog about to the rest of the world and not feel overly exposed over, or feel as if I am slating myself to be on the front of a tabloid cover by doing so (But let’s be honest: I am not nearly talented or interesting enough to be on the front of a tabloid cover though). Wait, those fools from Jersey Shore are on tabloid covers, so ignore that last sentence. I think I have a little more talent than they do, I would hope. I at least tan better than they do in the summertime.

My life is full of interesting insights that I would love to openly share with the world, but I, at the moment, do not feel like putting myself out to the world as a sideshow freak right now. Maybe when I’m old and I don’t have many years left to endure public humiliation and teasing, I will put out a memoir. But, I’ll probably pass from this world into Heaven by way of some strange freak accident anyway so I’ll never be able to publish my memoirs. In the event of that happening (Which, yes, the biggest overthinker of the world known as Annette M. Nagle has already thought of this scenario), I do have private journals that can be sufficiently supplied as odd memoirs.

I really am done digressing.

I invite you all to invade a part of my world that I do not mind humiliating myself in. You may invade my musical endeavors. I’ve already humiliated myself in this thousands of times. Just ask the people who have heard me perform. So I have nothing to lose! You can see what I’m falling in love with, and you can see if it is a Chopin etude, or a Rachmaninov concerto. I won’t tell you if I’m really falling in love (Fat chance of that happening, anyway… Not the fact of telling you, just the fact of it happening period), or you can see who I am currently in a malicious battle with (These tend to occur within my personal life more often anyway… Ha). Perhaps it is a Bach Invention or a Beethoven sonata? You can log on here and find out. You can learn what I learn from the pieces. Maybe I’ll even share videos of my practice sessions. We shall see.

I’ll also update you on my process of trying to make it through college. The whole, “What are you going to be when you grow up” question has been replaced with “What are you going to college for?” And maybe I will refer people to my blog to answer the question. And at the moment, to answer the question concisely, I have decided upon piano performance with a minor in communications. I’ve got the rest of the year to prepare, but I feel that is also an experience I can openly share and not feel overly exposed. People say I have a tendency to act European, even French, but we know the French are much more open than I am. Perhaps that is the Sicilian in me, I refuse to share more to the general public than they need to know. Or maybe I’m just stuffy and I need to learn to be less private.

Well, here. Here is a step in the direction of being less private. You get to meet Annette Margaret Nagle: The Musician. Invade my world and criticize me mercilessly!

(Actually, try not to criticize mercilessly, just nicely. Leave the mercilessly part to the academia I will be entering next year.)