Well, I thought I had named my blog, but I don’t feel that the title of “To Think is to Write” is a proper title for my blog. I write. Don’t get me wrong. But that is not all I do. I also play piano, I like to sketch when I get a free moment to do so, I love to read, I sing and I do more than just “Think”. If all I did was think all day, I think I would go insane, and this blog would not have such a semblance of rationality as it does in its present form.

Yeah, I know, you’re thinking, wait. There is a semblance of sanity?

Hypothetically agree with me for a moment.

(Now you’re probably wondering what semblance means.)

But anyway. I just wanted to explain why my blog is called “Untitled for the Moment”, and it will remain this way until I find the words to explain the conglomerations of my life.