Hello all,

Just a quick update to announce I finished studying Beethoven’s “Sonata in G Major Op. 14 No. 2: I. Allegro” and updated the current repertoire and completed repertoire pages. It was certainly quite the feat for me, I was able to perform it from memory last Sunday on February 28th in State College. I don’t consider it perfect, but Beethoven reportedly said to one of his students that playing accidental notes was not as important as playing with the correct feeling and passion of the piece, according to Ferdinand Ries. Either way, I consider it a success, as I find Beethoven sonatas to be particularly difficult.

My next piano projects include continuing to study “Les sons et les parfums tournent dans l’air du soir” by Debussy and a new piece, “III. Romanze” from 4 Klavierstucke Op. 32 by Schumann. I am so excited to play a piece by Schumann.