Autumn in Pennsylvania

Autumn in Pennsylvania

In the Mid Atlantic states, we always get a special treat every year around the end of October. It’s autumn foliage. It is the silver lining on the cloud of that big snow storm that comes billowing in as soon as October ends. I love warm colors, so it gets me very excited to see the lovely colors against the blue sky. Reds, oranges, yellows… So pleasing to the eye!

When my family and I went to Orlando this past August, we noticed how the trees are different, of course. The trees there don’t change, or lose their leaves. We thought that had to be great for you Floridians everywhere! You don’t see the trees look lifeless and barren. But my mom had made the comment, “The thing about our trees in Pennsylvania is that they’re more hardy!”

That’s true, it may not be pretty to see our dormant looking trees in winter… When everything looks so lifeless and dull, but when spring comes around, sure enough the trees come back to life… Maybe, looking even better than before. And when trees change colors in autumn, it becomes one of the most beautiful processes in nature.

God reminded me that the same is true for people. It would be nice (And probably comfortable) to be a vibrant palm tree in Florida, in the same sense it would be nice to have a life without hurtful changes… Always looking alive, beautiful and have everything under control. But the fact is, we wouldn’t be as strong. As humans, our lives should reflect more of the trees in the north. autumn2 We should always be changing, growing, and shedding our old ways. As you can see, God makes it an even more beautiful process for His children than for trees. Just as those autumn leaves show their true colors through the process of moving into the hard winter times, humans show their true strength when faced with hardship and total dependence on God.

So, you summer lovers (I being one of them), remember the beautiful process of change, and dependence on God. It all brings its beautiful rewards!

Now this is slightly off topic but very on topic, I must share Nat King Cole singing “Autumn Leaves”. I’ve worked on this song before… I must dig it back out in honor of autumn. The lyrics to Autumn Leaves were originally written in French by Jacques PrĂ©ver.