Hey 1999 Annette,


I guess I’m supposed to give you some kind of advice as a memoir, because, er, well I can’t help but see the advice is pretty pointless. Perhaps it’s something I can take through the next decade also?

Well, on with the show. Good afternoon, 9 year old Annette! Right now I’m pretty sure you clock in at a whopping 4’3″ (IF that), and from what I remember, you count the minutes until your math homeschool work is finally over so you can work on that next comic book page. After that, you’ll probably watch your favorite cartoon (Rugrats) or listen to some techno music. Great, you are a little bundle of imaginative, creative energy that enjoys a good story. Keep it up! That’s the only thing that will keep you ahead in the coming years.

Just about everything interests you. (Except maybe sports.) That’s not going to change. You’re just going to be interested in a lot more. Right now you’re in some kind of like, sci-fi/anime/science phase. Which is good and all but because of your beloved asthma, you’ll give up the “becoming an astronaut” dream in about five years.

In fact you’re going to explore quite a few different careers in the next ten years, some of them being:

Astronaut (As mentioned)
Writer (This one’s a keeper!)
Singer (This too!)
Secret Service Agent
Comic Book Writer
Musician (Pianist, more specifically. Keep up with this one.)
Guitarist (Don’t try, you have dainty pianist fingertips.)
Violinist (Again, the dainty pianist fingertips.)
Trumpet player (Well this time it’s your dainty lungs that will hinder you from this one!)
Graphic Designer
Photographer (This will help you later!)
Webpage geek (Don’t know what else to call this. This definitely will help you. You’ll discover website designing in about a year.)

I think there is more to add there. You were crazy, pretty much. ADHD, yes? (Thank God they weren’t medicating every crazy kid yet at your age!)


Oh yeah, about the musician thing… You took guitar lessons a year ago but it wasn’t quite a sure fit. You just didn’t connect the guitar too much, huh? It’s fine. The piano is more of your perfect fit. If I’m not mistaken, you started piano lessons either last year or this year. Keep up with it. It’s a pain, I know. Note reading doesn’t make any sense yet. Remember, for the treble it’s “Every Good Boy Does Fine”… And uh…. Well, you see, you’ll get to a point someday where you’ll even forget those reminders for the bass cleft. (I just did.) But you’ll still know the notes! PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!! And try to get over that whole stage fright thing. No one cares if you hit a wrong note or two.

windows98You’re on the computer a lot. And now you’re just discovering the internet. In fact, you’ve been using computers since you were four years old. GOOD. Computers are just starting to catch on, before you know it, everyones going to be using them for just about everything. Anyone who is familiar with a computer right now while it’s primitive will have the upper hand!

JesusknockingatdoorAnd God makes sense to you. Jesus makes sense to you. He’ll always make sense to you (Even when He doesnt). So don’t ever doubt (You never will, as far as I know). Just don’t try to be perfect. You’re going to drive yourself nuts about being perfect. You’re not supposed to be… Just really close to it, that’s all. Learn to embrace your perfectionist self8 here and there.

GrandmaPeggyEnjoy your time with Grandma Peggy and Pappy. They will provide wonderful memories for you, and give great advice. How lucky you have been to have all four of your grandparents for most of your life! Friends will come and go, also, but you’ll find a lot of valuable ones out of unusual circumstances. Just don’t hope for any luck in the whole dating thing when you get older. (It’s just as well, you have a lot to accomplish right now!)

Gee. I mean, sometimes I feel like I didn’t do so much as my 9-year-old self, just living in my own little dream world half the time… But you know what, you were a cool kid. Spunky, but shy. Competitive, but a great loser. Mostly unflappable and determined. Cool. I know you think about your 2009 self a lot, like, how it’s going to be so cool to be an adult and all.

Being an adult… It’s interesting to say the least.

I really feel like after the New Year begins tonight, that I should write a blog entry giving advice to myself for the next decade! Because, quite frankly, this seems rather pointless. These ten years are gone. But they were wonderfully developing for me. (Go figure, they were those crazy pre-teen and teenage years!) Thankfully, God got me through mostly unscathed… Or wait, scathed, in the best ways possible.

I actually have some old journals from 1999. I’m going to have to dig that thing up and see just how different I am.

I’m excited to see what the next ten years have to offer! Until then… See you in 2010!