What is going to become of the girl who hangs out at church all by herself? Nobody really knows. No one can even begin to imagine. She accepts no ones definition of herself but her own. When you have to fight the world’s definition of you every day, you don’t find it difficult to stand up for yourself or know who you really are.

“You’re naive.”

“You’re awkward.”

“You’re a dork.”

“You’re stupid, aren’t you?”

It’s not hard to refute the dissenting voices and to know who you are when these petulant comments are constantly plaguing you. In fact, you have to figure out your identity quite quickly under these circumstances.

You have two options when faced with pressure from all sides… Those whom you think you can love and trust the most may turn against you, and complete strangers may question your intent and your validity at every turn… Even those strangers who only give you a passing glance and pass certain judgement.

The two options, being… You can either cave in to the pressure… Take the easy way out… Listen to the screams of your weary soul, begging for mercy and just one hour of rest…

But then what? What happens after that hour? Have you given thought to how much of you is lost in one hour of ceasing the toil?

You can give in to their demands and accept their definitions… Or you can listen to that whisper… That peculiar whisper…. The one that keeps pushing you to fight. To fight for who you know you are destined to be. Once you silence the screams and hearken to that gentle whisper… That sincere song of your soul…

“You can make it.”

“Just a bit longer.”

“You can walk a bit farther.”

“You can fight harder.”

God’s sweet whisper and kiss gives you a moment of inspiration that can last for a lifetime. And in that gentle communication with Him, you simply know…

That it is all worth it today.