Hey, so lately, I’ve been getting back into crocheting. It’s been one of those on-again off-again things most of my life, like a bad relationship plot line in a soap opera. The reason I love to do it is because I can keep my hands busy and actually create something while watching TV, so I don’t feel like my life is completely wasting away. I’m surprised I don’t have arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome already, between playing piano, typing and crocheting all the time. Let’s hope they have a cure for arthritis by the time I hit 60, I may turn out to be the worse case out there!

Anyway… My Grandma Peggy (Margaret) learned how to crochet nearly 50 years ago, and my mom learned from her quite a few years back, too. I followed in their footsteps and learned how to crochet around the age of 10. I wanted to try it when I was 5 but mom thought, “Hooks, 5 year old child, no.” (Thanks mom for not letting me lose an eyeball.)

As I looked up the history of crochet, I realized it may be another one of those things that could be in my blood. Crochet is french for Hook… And the French frequented the practice of crocheting in the late 1800s as a way to make money. Oui oui, vous aimez les Français! That could be another reason as to why I have such an affinity to it at such a young age…? Who knows, but I obviously like to hypothesize.

It’s funny, most 19 year olds are not spending their Friday nights making sweaters for their mugs… And even still as I don’t live vicariously, I’ll end up with arthritis and health problems regardless. (Irony.) But hey, I like to keep people surprised and be a true freethinker. It’s not freethinking to go and be your typical young adult who only thinks about MTV and whatever dumb television shows are out now, and ramble on about a subject that sounds relatively intelligent, such as the rights of animals when all you are really doing is rehashing everything PETA has already said, or really over thinking something that is plainly in black and white. Like, “What is truth? Is truth the absence of lies? Or is it mostly truth with some lie?” Blah blah blah… No, that’s not being intelligent or thinking logically, that’s pseudo-intellectualism and it really has nothing to do with being intelligent, people…

Woah, sorry. Bunny trail. So instead of writing mindless blog entries about nothing that matters (Hmm), I crochet. This is what I’ve been working on lately:

It’s a “Mug Cozy”. (I call it mug sweater.) Lately (Or always), it’s been considered quite tacky to wear crocheted sweaters but cups don’t think anything of it, so I figured, why not make a few for them? They don’t complain when you stick boiling hot water in them… So they won’t mind if you stick a disgustingly tacky sweater on them either.

But come on, you know that thing it’s wearing is CUTE!


And quite frankly I’m a little OCD, so the other day I decided to crochet a coaster for my coffee to sit on so it doesn’t hurt the finish on my Viscount piano. I mean, yes, forget the fact I could be a clumsy baffoon and knock the coffee off of the ledge and onto my keys and ruin the electronics in it… I’m more worried about the warmth of the cup on the mahogany finish. Caffeine IS an addiction that alters your mind, obviously.

So that’s what is up in my life lately. I bet you didn’t know someone could write a blog entry this long based on crocheting, could you? Obviously a Sicilian could make a speech out of anything, mia amici… Anything at all. I didn’t make it into the top 5% (70 out of about 15,000) in the speech division at a national arts competition for nothing. I sure can talk. About anything.