I can find some things to say about being single based on just matching up a pair of songs. I attribute this to being Sicilian… Stick with me here. And I promise, this does tie into the socks.

You shouldn’t define yourself by your relationship status. You should define yourself by the status your relationship with Jesus Christ. With Him, you’re never “alone”. If you don’t have a good relationship with Jesus and yet you’re married, you can feel far more alone than if you’re single… Don’t believe me? Just look at all the broken Hollywood marriages. Sometimes the Hollywoodies seem more miserable together rather than alone. It’s a sad thing.

On a cuter note, I found the missing match to a pair of socks I just adore… They have adorable little lamb-y things on them and I was always very sad that I had never found the other sock to match! I would find each separate sock in random places, but never together… Thankfully though, yesterday, I found the other sock and the two were reunited! It made me everso happy… Probably because it reminded me of how, if we wait long enough for just the right person (Or, er, sock in this case), God will unite us with our match… I put out a Tweet, inspired by the reuniting of a pair of socks, saying:

Being single is a lot like being a lone sock… Someday you’ll find your match, they’re just lost somewhere in the dryer for right now.

There you go. Now you see how inspiring socks can be. Just don’t go looking in the dryer for a date though. I have a feeling that won’t really yield good results.