Scales will continue to take their prominence in my practice schedule, and Haydn will receive the attention he was deprived of last night. Hopefully he won’t be too scornful towards me and make the 16th notes harder to work with. Those sections drive me insane! My fingers seem to get some sort of strange paralysis when I try to work at those strangely debilitating sections. They make me question my ability as a musician, and induce micro mental breakdowns. It saddens me.

Jazz will get some attention also, hopefully, since I’m not falling asleep right now. It’s hard to figure out chords when all you can see is your eyelids. Bach will also be getting some attention. Maybe I’ll even post a video of my progress in the sinfonia later. But I won’t make any promises.

Then, I’ll have to get some church music on the agenda so I won’t be cramming everything in for that on the weekend. Everyone is working for the weekend while I’m the one working on the weekend… But somebody has to, right? I’m probably the only person in the world who looks forward to Mondays.

Off I go.