I’ve got a bit to do in an hour and a half. But tonight, the goal is to get some jazz in. I’ve been learning Lullaby of Birdland by George Shearing and for some reason, chording and I don’t mix. I need to branch out and be a little more creative. So tonight, I will give Lullaby of Birdland a go and try to make this piece fly.

I also have to conquer some scales. They’re horrid. Scales drive me nuts. But they are not as cumbersome as they were last year, so I am feeling some progress. We’ll see how it goes.

Haydn also demands my attention. Some of the 16th note spots are horrid. I’ll clean that up tonight.

Bach wants some love too. I’ll be working on a sinfonia.

Here is the mission tonight. Hopefully, advertising this to the world will cause me to have to be more accountable to myself. I’ll have to scare myself with the fact that the entire internet world will scold me for not working on my music if I don’t see progress today. Now I shall eat some macaroni and cheese, drink a cup of coffee and work.