Hello world, it’s been a while since I’ve had any motivation to post to my blog, and I will update you all on the direction that my life has been taking, but for now I’ll share a few results of the thinking I’ve been forced to do within the past three months.

Don’t assume I won’t find a way to forget you just because I have hyperthymesia.

I won’t wish these days away, because one day I’ll wish for them to come back to me.

The beauty of life unfolding makes me want to see more and yet at the same time, I’m desperate for nothing to change.

Here’s my version of Jerry Maguire: You would have me at hello… If you’d ever say it.

My age seems to be growing at a proportionally similar rate to the amount of confusion I experience.

Contrary to popular belief, Christianity is not the most offensive concept on the planet. The truth is the most offensive concept on the planet. Those two concepts just so happen to be one in the same.

Is it only mere coincidence that most of the poorest nations in the world are also dominated by Islam? Let’s start thinking, people.

Any time I become deliriously happy for no apparent reason, I first stop and ask myself, “Wait. Am I finally going insane?”

I understand the saying curiosity killed the cat, but I still ask too many questions. Although, cats have 9 lives so I’ve got a few to spare.

Geometry has taught me that I’m congruent with crazy.

The Paradox: I can’t relax if I’m not working.

The only control I’m in favor of is self control.

Yeah, I just posted a bunch of quotes from myself. But it’s okay. Writing is all about quoting yourself. And if you take a look at the top of my blog, you will see a title has now been chosen! Do I have your approval?

If I do, great. If I don’t, I don’t care.

Time to get some rest. Keep on thinking.