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Autumn 2016

Another school year has begun, and I am teaching Music 100 once again at Penn Highlands Community College! In addition to spending another great semester with Penn Highlands this fall, I will also be covering (understudying) a role with Center Stage Opera in New Cumberland, PA, in their upcoming production of the opera Faust by Charles Gounod. Please check out the Current Projects page for more information! I also updated my About page with an updated biography. What an exciting autumn ahead!

Media update

Hi folks!

Here is a recording from the premiere of the song cycle Anonymous Cabaret by Dr. Timothy Melbinger, premiered in April 2016.

The text is:

“The rabbit has a charming face,
Its private life is a disgrace!
I really dare not name to you,
The awful things that rabbits do;
Things your paper never prints-
They only mention it in hints.
They have such lost degraded souls,
No wonder why they inhabit holes;
When such depravity is found
It can only live underground.”

Two other recordings of pieces from the song cycle can be found on the media page. Enjoy!

June Update

Hello all!

I completed one semester of teaching at Penn Highlands Community College and will be returning to teach at Ebensburg in the fall. I also completed a performance of “Anonymous Cabaret” for Dr. Timothy Melbinger. Video of this performance will be available soon. This summer I am studying repertoire and building my technique for various instruments and preparing for recitals in the fall!

Check out these updated pages:


Hello friends!

Quick update: Be sure to like my professional Facebook page to keep up with quick updates and promotional endeavors for my freelance work. Click here to be directed to the Facebook page. I have recently created the page, therefore, there are still adjustments to be made, but like the page and stay tuned for the updates!

Introduction as new adjunct

Hello all! I have begun my first week teaching Music 100 at Penn Highlands Community College as an adjunct faculty member. Penn Highlands has posted a press release about the new faculty members, which I have also updated on the press page. You may view the article at this link. I also updated the performances page with updated performance dates.

My vocal performance endeavors have been halted for a few weeks due to contracting the flu last month, and developing bronchitis two weeks later after recovering from the flu. I will be continuing to rest my vocal endeavors and easing my voice back into my usual repertoire once I’ve recovered from bronchitis.