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Introducing: From Avant-Garde to Cabaret

imageHello all! With yet another Holy Week behind me, I now am focusing my efforts on performing a new set of works by the talented composer and pianist Dr. Timothy Melbinger. I am a mezzo-soprano soloist in his new set of works premiering on April 17th at 2 pm at Penn State Altoona. I invite you to join me for the performance of these works! Click here for more information.

Miscellaneous updates: I added “He was despised” to completed repertoire and began adding performance dates to completed repertoire. Check that out if you are so inclined and I updated performance dates.

Piano Lesson Oct 30th

Hello all! It is piano lesson day. Today we will continue working with Bach Sinofnia No 7 in e minor. I focused on bringing out the recurrence of the theme in whatever voice it appears in, which involves making sure finger legato is present and pliable so the line isn’t broken and holding tied notes to create a beautiful singing sound. Take a listen to András Schiff playing this sonfonia. We will be spending time with Beethoven at our next lesson. Check out my current study page to see what else I am working on. Tschüß!

2nd Week in February

Fun projects on the horizon this week:

– My voice teacher has arranged a coaching session for me this week with her voice coach. I’ll be coaching with a collaborative pianist/opera coach from Julliard on Friday! I’ll be singing Faites-luis mes aveux by Gounod and Sommermued by Schoenberg. This will be my second coaching session with her within the past year, she’s such a fantastic coach.

– If I survive studying for my German test, I’ll be writing a creative non-fiction story about the untimely demise of my great great grandparents to submit to Hard Freight! It’s a bit more inspiring than you think. I need to have it done by the 17th, and I haven’t started it yet… However, I trust my writing abilities to have it done over the weekend.

This day will be slightly busy but not as bad as last week. I have to not get distracted working my lower range now that my voice teacher taught me the vowel brightening trick… I constantly want to sing along with Karen Carpenter now.

PS, I’m going to try this exercising for 30 minutes a day thing. We’ll see how that goes…

Semester Survived

Somehow, I was able to survive this semester. I came across quite a number of difficulties: my immunity seemed non-existent, I was getting pesky head colds right and left whilst I began my first semester of voice lessons. However, I made it to Lincoln Center to sing the Durufle Requiem but after that victory I found myself with a diagnosis of mononucleosis.

I took a week to recovery and did quite literally nothing, which is horrifying for a Type A, but I knew if I wanted my voice back at all it needed to be done. Singing with tonsils the size of walnuts is not an option. So, somehow, I was able to pull off learning the accompaniment for about 15 pieces of music for a soubrette soprano, 8 accompaniment pieces for a music class as my honors option, two performances for a small choir and 4 voice pieces (Schoenberg was dropped due to time and sickness constraints). Anyone who is a singer knows performing for a small choir might as well be a solo – if one person in the small choir goes down, the choir suffers greatly.

Somehow, with mono, however, I survived. I have a full summer ahead of me with work, research for my thesis project and beginning work on my senior recital. I’ll bask in the glory of not having to physically be in class and have more control over what gets done and when. Oh, did I mention I have to have decent proficiency in German by the fall and spring, also, to pass foreign language requirements?

Fantastic. Stay tuned. Today begins with Mozart, Ravel, Mahler and… Laundry.

Dottie Rambo Infiltration

This song was pretty much my life for five days straight. I’m surprised I’m not tired of it. Not my best run through, but I never live up to my unnaturally high standards, so I sucked it up and posted this monstrosity. Enjoy “Behold The Lamb”. I learned this for Easter and a talent show.