Welcome a fresh Bass!

By the title “Welcome a fresh Bass,” I don’t mean a bass line or a catchy techno song. I’m referring to my husband, Dylan Nelson, who has begun working on operatic repertoire. I have added information about him to my About as well as he begins his operatic journey. Depending on the growth of his craft, he may eventually have his own website in the future; but in the mean time, I wanted to make sure there was information about his operatic work online, as well. Click on over to the About page to learn about him!

New Projects

Happy New Year! To start off the New Year, I will be looking at the roles of Curra and Preziosilla from the opera La Forza del Destino by G. Verdi to perform with Center Stage Opera. The Current Projects link has been updated to reflect the new roles under study.

There is also more exciting news on the way with my own professional development, please stay tuned for the official announcement! Have a wonderful beginning to 2017!

New Media

Hello all! I have added two new videos to the media page; video recordings of American Art Songs “Another New Voice Teacher” by Andrew Thomas and “The Star” by Martha Hill Duncan. Click on the link for the media page to view the videos. I have also updated the performances page with the Faust performance dates.

Faust Performance Dates

Hello all!

It turns out I will be performing the role of Marthe Schwerlein in Faust instead of only covering the role with Center Stage Opera. These are the dates but please note they may be subject to change due to casting/venue details: I will be performing on November 12th and 13th in the Philadelphia area, and November 18th and 20th in the Harrisburg area. Please check the attached poster for details on locations and times. Please join us for our performances of Faust!


Autumn 2016

Another school year has begun, and I am teaching Music 100 once again at Penn Highlands Community College! In addition to spending another great semester with Penn Highlands this fall, I will also be covering (understudying) a role with Center Stage Opera in New Cumberland, PA, in their upcoming production of the opera Faust by Charles Gounod. Please check out the Current Projects page for more information! I also updated my About page with an updated biography. What an exciting autumn ahead!